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Roofing Cost Calculator

Our roofing cost calculator can help you find accurate industry pricing for countless replacement roofing variables and combinations. Simply enter your project specifics and click the "See Pricing!" button - in seconds our roofing cost calculator will have a price estimate on your next project.

Roof Cost Estimator

Our cost calculator to the right begins with the question of removal or tear off and estimates this cost at $2 per square foot (if you answer "no" it does not affect the project pricing). We then ask for your desired roof material - select from the following;

Asphalt and Composite Shingles
Cedar Shake
Natural Slate
Tar Torch Down

Next we determine how large the project is by the square footage. This is usually easy to determine since most homeowners have a good idea about large their home is and the relative percentage of their home that has a roof over it. Next we ask for a budget preference, which tells us the overall product and installation quality you're looking for. Finally we ask for a zip code and within seconds, we'll provide you with a ballpark price estimate.

Roof Price Estimator

Our roof price estimator begins with the overall size of the project. Enter the estimated length and width of the existing roof. This is sometimes a difficult task because it can be tough to know this figure. For a quick approximation, measure your home from the front to the back and add four feet for overhangs - write that number down. Measure from one side to the other and add four feet from overhangs - write that number down. These will be the length and width for your roof replacement project. Enter the pitch or slope of the roof - this is the measurement of how flat or steep your current roof is.

Enter the type of roof or number of levels or dormers will be used on the replacement. Next enter the new replacement material -- we give you lots of options so this is a nice way to play around with the cost of different replacement materials. Finally, will the contractor need to tear off the existing material. Click the see pricing button and see an accurate estimate.


There is a very wide selection of materials available for homeowners to choose from. Starting with the most expensive, there are the Spanish tiles. These tiles are elegant and durable. Then there are architectural shingles, which come in the middle of the price range and offer a selection of finishes and colors.

When it comes to affordability, asphalt shingles are a top choice, but don't ooze that elegance and charm which you would receive with the more expensive options. It's always worthwhile for the homeowner to research a variety of roofing materials and weight up the costs both upfront and long term based on the materials they feel will complement their home design.

Cost of Materials

The cost of replacing a roof is based on two factors, the price of the materials and the price of the labor involved. Materials vary dramatically in price and can cost between $0.72 per square foot, all the way to $20 per square foot.

The cost for a roof replacement can vary dramatically from one material to the next. We've put together a list of materials along with some sample costs.

Asphalt Shingles - $2.75 - $5.75 psf installed.

Clay Tiles - $6.25 - $11.25 psf installed.

IB Rubber - $9 - $11 psf installed.

Metal - $7.50 - $24 psf installed.

Slate Tiles - $23 - $38 psf installed.

-- Range Of Material Costs: $2 to $ psf --

Cost of Installation

The labor costs are often based on the roofing material chosen, along with other factors, which include any repairs that are needed, removal of existing roof materials and the cost for the materials themselves. Installation costs can vary in price from $2.00 per square foot, up to $8.00 per square foot. It is recommended that the homeowner gets a number of quotes and ensures they are broken into sections. This gives the homeowner the ability to compare the quotes based on labor and materials to find the best possible choice.

-- Range Of Labor Costs: $2 to $8 psf --

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